Our Work

Founded in 1974, CINI helps poor mothers and children in India break free from the inter-generational cycle of poverty, malnutrition and ill health. We are an Indian NGO with local staff working alongside communities and local government to bring about lasting change.

CINI’s approach centres on providing nurturing support at key stages in people’s lives: childhood, adolescence and pregnancy – helping mothers lay the foundations for a happy and healthy future for their children. The charity’s support is given to those most in need: regardless of their religion, caste or ethnicity.

CINI has a proven track record of bringing about sustainable improvements in four key areas: nutrition, health, education and child protection. The charity is also highly experienced at responding to natural disasters and emergencies within India.

As a result of the high quality of CINI’s programmes it has been made a “Mother NGO” for North East India, responsible for disseminating best practice, and also participates in groups shaping policy at a national level. This means that people beyond CINI’s direct project area can learn from our programmes and successful approaches can be applied more widely so that even more people can benefit.

 Child In Need India champions CINI’s work in the UK. With modest beginnings at a coffee morning in the West of Scotland in 1982, it has built up a network of supporters, both individuals and trusts. It is now looking to grow and strengthen its base of support and would very much welcome your support.